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New Arrivals

Getting Started: Managing Duplicates (10) 4m 22s

Eventually you'll find duplicate records in your system. This video shows you how to find them and how to merge them.

Getting Started: Log Entries and Action Items Report (8) 2m 57s

Learn how to create very specific reports of what you have done (Log Entries) and what you have to do (Action Items) with this very powerful report.

Getting Started: Verifying Log Entries Got In (7) 2m 42s

Worried about whether your Log Entries got into JibberJobber? Here are three places to check.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Intro (4.0) 4m 22s

Introduction to the most powerful feature in JibberJobber. If you send 20 emails a day, this could easily save you an hour a day...! Let's get started learning how Email2Log works.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Setup (4.1) 4m 24s

There are only three fields to fill out to set up your unique Email2Log email address.  Learn about each of them here.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Writing Better Emails (4.2) 3m 53s

You write good emails. When writing emails that might become Log Entries, you can write them better. Learn from my years of mistakes and learning to write much better emails for your contacts and for your Log Entries.

Getting Started: Email2Log: Special/Reserved Lines (4.3) 3m 46s

Learn about the four special Reserved Lines to use to create new records (Contacts, Companies, and Jobs) and Action Item Reminders from your email!

Getting Started: Email2Log: Verifying It Worked (4.4) 2m 42s

Want to make sure the Email2Log emails are working?  Here are a few ways to verify they got in the system.

Getting Started: Introduction to Tags (3.0) 3m 09s

Tags will greatly enhance your JibberJobber experience. Learn about them in this and the next few videos.

Getting Started: Tags: Tag Multi-Action (3.2) 1m 52s

Learn how to manage tags on your Contacts, Companies, and Jobs, from the multi-action icon on the List Panel.

Getting Started: Tags: The Tag Manager (3.1) 2m 24s

Learn how to easily clean up and manage your tags. 

Getting Started: Optimizing the List Panels: Manage Columns (9.2) 2m 36s

Learn how to create a List Panel view that makes sense for the project you are working on. Sometimes you want to see emails, sometimes you don't.  This video shows you how to show and hide columns and reorder your data so you see what you want, how you want it.

Getting Started: List Panels: Filtered Search (9.1) 4m 41s

The filtered search allows you to get refined search results in your List Panel... you can do this by name, location, tag, etc. It is very powerful, especially as your database grows.

Getting Started: Optimizing the List Panels: Introduction (9.0) 1m 15s

Introduction to the List Panel and the next few videos to help you better use the List Panel.

Getting Started: List Panels: Multi-actions (9.3) 2m 33s

Learn how to perform various tasks on multiple records at one time. You'll find multi-action icons on every List Panel.

Getting Started: List Panels: Editing Data (9.4) 1m 15s

Learn how to easily and quickly update your data in the List Panel without going into the edit page.